i love water

and especially rain

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activism, alix olson, alliteration, angelina jolie, anti-bush, anti-death-penalty, anti-war, blue butterflies, bob dylan, buddha, but i'm a cheerleader, butchies, butterflies, canada, chai tea, champagne, chris pureka, coffee shops, coldplay, common courtesy, cup o joe, damien rice, dancing in the rain, dougie maclean, environment, feminism, fire, flowers, folk music, gay and lesbian pride, gay girls, girls, goo goo dolls, greece, gsa, guitars, hatha yoga, hippies, hugs, incense, indigo girls, irish folks, janis joplin, jewelry, jim morrison, kisses, kissing, labyrinth walking, labyrinths, laughter, lesbian, lesbians, lifting, listening, love, mackinac island, meditation, melissa ferrick, music, nag champa, nature, nirvana, patchouli, peace, phantom of the opera, philosophy, piercings, poetry, poetry and writing, presbyterianism, pro-choice, psychology, queer studies, reading, recycling, sarah machlachlan, saugatuck, scarves, scotland, scottish people, service to others, speaking greek, spirituality, tattoos, tea, tears, the color black, the color blue, the color green, the color red, the doors, theatre, thoughtfulness, thoughts, tofu, tracy grammer, trees, walking in the rain, water, weight lifting, womyn's studies, world peace, writing, yoga, ♀♀
Let's see... if you want to know something about me, go ahead and ask. My favorite colors are green and blue, in that order, I love ice cream, and I also love weight lifting.

Days until Bush leaves office.

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peace to all.